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We are Lansing Michigan realtors and buliders who had endured the hardships of being long-term landlords. Late rents, costly repairs, properties being uncared for, and stressful phone calls ultimately ate at our enthusiasm in traditional real estate investing.

No late payments, No phone calls, and No stress.

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Vacation Rentals leases your rental with you - just like a long-term tenant. We then clean, design, and furnish the unit while welcoming our short-term, screened guests. These include corporate, working, and traveling individuals that we manage.

Here’s what this means for you:

Automatic, On-Time Rent

Rent is deposited to you monthly, automatically. No more worrying about late payments or chasing tenants.

More Monthly Income

No fees on your monthly rent. No paying for minor maintenance. No more slim margins.

Keep Your Property Perfect

Our professional cleaning teams will routinely clean the property, ensuring it is always immaculate.

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